Scars of a Woman

…Will Armah escape the injustice that surrounds her….

…Will Armah ever find happiness in a world of brutality

…Armah’s life has never been easy, but now it looks like it may be taken from her…

Afraid of the Dark

‘One chance to be reunited with the daughter she thought she had lost forever…’

Death Trap

‘Armah faces agonising choices. But will she ever find her missing daughter and be allowed to live in peace and happiness…’

‘Til Death Doom Us Part

When Jessie’s boyfriend conceals hard drugs in her luggage just before she boards a plane, it is the beginning of a nightmare that seems to have no end in sight.


About Tonyia

Even though there were moments over the years she had doubts in releasing her first book, she has learnt that in life, anything you set your mind to, it is imperative to work towards achieving your goals regardless of any obstacles along the way. She intends to encourage other upcoming authors to believe in themselves and remember that there are people out there who want to hear their voice through the work of their hands.

Tonyia J Bailey is based in Essex, United Kingdom.

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Scars of a Woman

Afraid of The Dark

Death Trap

‘Til Death Doom Us Part

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